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If you are here and you follow this page more than likely you agree that smart is SEXY, but why is this so?
I won’t get into a whole molecular/geekfest rant about why it is that way but I will say that it is undeniably true that SMART IS SEXY.
If you do deconstruct it to the primal, prehistoric level then you can see the obvious reason why smart is sexy. Smart means innovative and ingenious and those things spell SURVIVAL !! Survival in the ancient world was the name of the game, survival meant your partner would be around for a long time, the rug rats would be taken care of and fed and your genetic cocktail would prosper. Add to that the fact that a smarter person is a better partner and conversationalist and you have the perfect recipe for long term success. I mean who would you rather spend your life ( not one night) with, Tina Fey or Kim Kardashan?  If you said the latter then you should probably leave the group as there is not much for you here but if you like me chose the amazing Miss Fey then you definitely get why smarter is SEXIEST!!

So can smart and sexy coexist? I believe they can and they should. My whole scantily clad DA mission is all about the promotion of SMART and SEXY together. I believe that an intelligent woman should NEVER denounce her sex appeal and a sexy woman should NEVER negate her intellect. Stupid just is NOT sexy. Stupid might be appealing to some because it denotes easy prey but if you are prey then all you have succeeded in doing is attracting the  attention of a predator and who the hell needs that?

I am all for promoting the idea that sexy women can be and generally are smart and the smart women are just the sexiest thing ever! Being naked in photos or on film does not detract from a woman’s intellect all it does is amp up her sex appeal and allow her yet another  form of self-expression  and self-realization. Anything a woman CHOOSES for herself that does not serve to exploit her or demean her is EMPOWERING !! The reason people have issues  with women who are in control of their sexuality is because that control denotes POWER and INDEPENDENCE of thought and action and the last thing our misogynist, biblically based  society wants is a bunch of women who are empowered through their sexuality and have cast off the shackles of moral guilt forever.
So yes SMART IS SEXY and this is what this group is all about !! Hope you enjoy and participate and join us all in the celebration of intellect and sex appeal


Mademoiselle Audrey :heart:
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Smarter really is SEXIER !! This group is for those who share this ideology and who adore smart girls and the trappings of intellect. The mission is to create a group of amazing artists,models,photogrpahers who embrace the idea that smart girls are SEXY!!

Things that you will not find here are the following , cliche bikini bimbos in stripper platforms, posing next to a 68 Camaro with a blower through the hood. No porno chicks, no cliche spread eagle shots, no cellphone duckface shots,no staged murder/suicides and nothing that demeans, demoralizes women or girls.

This is a group intended to allow intelligent women and the artists who love them a stage upon which to be sexy, beautiful, and devastatingly charming.

My only request is that the images you submit to the gallery and to the favorites be ones that reflect the ideas and even the stereotypes of "smart". Bespectacled beauties, academic angels, beautiful bibliophiles, glamorous and gorgeous geeks. Oh and of course the cute and quirky. Not all the photos or art need to portray girls in glasses or plaid skirts but they should all at least tell some sort of story.


Audrey :heart:





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Nerds are the sexiest. Fact.
I have proven it.
Using science :)
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Women with Glasses are the SEXIEST THING ALIVE!!
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